Hello everyone,
     A girl I know rescued an approximately 18-22 week old kitten from a high 
kill shelters euthanasia list recently. The kitten has some corneal scarring 
but appears to still be able to see it also is FeLV +. It is a black and white 
female. She is very friendly, loves to cuddle and uses her litter box well. 
     The girls family won't let her keep it because of the FeLV. We have had 
many talks about it but the family is still too concerned that their 3 year old 
cat will get sick. She can no longer keep this sweet girl and is scared to 
death at the idea of having to take it back to the shelter. We all know how 
many people in this world perceive out little FeLV babies.
     I posted a message last week with a picture but it was too large and I was 
told a moderator would look at it and either let it go through or message me 
why it had not. I never heard back on it so I am sending out this plea... Is 
there anyone out there who would be willing to take this sweet little girl and 
give her a home? She has been to the vet and appears to be otherwise healthy 
other than the FeLV and corneal scarring. 
     If anyone is interested, please send me an email at 
sashacatgodd...@yahoo.com and I will send you pictures of her, she is super 
cute. Please, there has got to be someone out there who has the space and love 
for this little honey who has been given this 2nd chance.

Thanks everyone,
I pray for good news from someone who will get the opportunity to spend many 
happy years with this little angel!



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