So sorry to hear that Alice, so sorry you're going through this so soon after 

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Sent: Sun, February 20, 2011 8:07:59 PM
Subject: [Felvtalk] Purrayers for our Rosie

We thought she was the survivor-She is the last of the litter of 5 kittens we 
caught in Oct 2008. Her 4 brothers passed in 2009, a month apart. She made it 

2 years, now 2 1/2........tonight I felt a lump on the  left side of her neck. 

am hoping our vet is open tomorrow. She is not showing any pain-I checked her 
neck and throat because she gagged a little tonight, but nothing came up. She 
had tonsillitis in January and was on Zithromax-she came out of that just fine. 
I am dreading this-we just lost Murphy in October from Lymphoma. Rosie was so 
lonely when he passed-she became depressed-slept all of the time, we were so 
worried-she checked out fine, we had her blood work done-all ok. We ended up 
adopting 2 negative kitties-a male that was 6-7 months old and a female that is 
9-10 months old. The rescue vaccinated each one twice for FeLV and kept them an 
extra month-their vet thought they would be fine since they were pretty mature 
and were already negative. She has been running and playing again and we 

all was well in the world. I hope this lump isn't Lymphoma.  Alice...owned by 
Rosie, Sachi and Miso!!
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