My little Scrappy boy was coming to the end of his fight, I only had him  for 8 
months when he walked into my home and was already in bad condition, hence the 
"Scrappy" name, I didn't think he was going to live 1 month. at that time. 
Though I should have named him Angel for all the love he gave me, he'd started 
responding to Scrappy so I kept calling him that.

I've had plenty of cats in my lifetime, not often do they care for face to face 
contact with people, but he'd look straight into my eyes lean forward and rub 
his cheek on mine, even placing his paws on my chest to stabilize himself when 
reaching for me (sometimes I wouldn't realize right away what he was doing).

The vet said he was 8 years old, so he must have contracted FeLV as an adult.

He'd stopped eating, had labored breathing and had taken to hiding. His sunken 
eyes lost any indication of light and so we stopped any more injections or 
treatments and I had to have him laid to rest today.

Thank you for reading, and for all the information and support I got from this 

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