That is a great place!!!!!  But I still wonder how all those cats can be
monitored and how they don't get out of there....logistically, I'd love to
know how it's done! Natalie

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Hi Lorrie,

I share the same worries about my cats' care after my death as you. The two
best sanctuaries I have found are Cat House on the Kings in California  -where I would love to live myself, and
Tabby's Place in New Jersey  Both of these
organizations have a true love for cats.

Finding a trustworthy sanctuary and arraigning life-care funding are
important. But finding a trustworthy person who will carry out your wishes
is most important and most difficult. That is the problem I'm having.

Best wishes,


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> Thanks for all your very informative posts....... They were eye
> opening!   Yes, Caboodle is an outdoor santuary, but my cats have
> always been indoor/outdoor cats, so this is what I want, BUT if
> it is over crowded, which is is bound to be if they have no limit
> on taking in new cats, I don't want any part of it!
> Otherwise my cats are used to being around lots of strange cats, as
> we have rescued cats all our lives, and they are used to seeing new
> cats around.  I hope to find a santuary where the cats can be
> outdoors in fenced in acreage, but NOT over crowded. This is probably
> going to be very difficult to find.
> Lorrie
> On 02-25, Gloria Lane wrote:
> > Certainly not all sanctuaries are in the "bad" category and good
> > folks start them with good intentions and plans and can be
> > successful.
> >
> > But any place your cats move, they will have to make an adjustment.
> > They're probably not used to quantities of cats.  Check out the
> > options in your local area, and ask what the procedure is when they
> > take in and care for cats.  And for vet care-do they have a vet
> > associated with thir facility? What is the age of the person
> > running the facility and what are their future plans? Are your cats
> > outdoor cats?  I think Caboodle Ranch is all outdoor cats.
> >
> > Just some thoughts-
> >
> > Gloria
> >
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