I agree Susan, the more humans available, the more likely the sanctuary to
be a good one. There are a few 'in home' ones that are good too. Depending
on how many animals you can handle financially. We started with only one
building and we now have a brand new sixth one being completed inside (with
clinic room for my med tech and for my vet to work in when he comes on site,
and 9 staff and 12 volunteers and we live ON the property. Our home houses
29 hospice kitties, the diabetics and some other more intense medical needs
cats. We only do special needs and there is soooo a need for more good
sanctuaries to take FeLV cats and 'adoption challenged' furs. And someone
made a good point about planning ahead for the care of their kitties when
they are gone. We too, have that plan in place when the two founders (wanda
and I) are gone.That is soooo important,  no matter how  many kitties you
have. We have a 'Safety Net' program just for that. And we actually have one
building that a lady from another Iowa county built 'just for her cats' paid
for it all and she could  no longer care for them, so they are here. All
their care is paid for for their lifetimes and when they are gone, the
building becomes the property of our sanctuary. That was a first for us. But
it won't be the last I am sure. All we have to do is be good caregivers-and
her plan states the care and food, etc as she wants them to have. They also
have TV's with Catsitter videos playing and access to outdoor area this
summer as we still ened to screen in the outdoor porch.Carmen and furs at
Rustic Hollow Shelter
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