The last time I posted, I was in the start up phase of my sanctuary, Helping 
Paws Animal Sanctuary. We will be in business 1 year in July and we are already 
working on our expansion. We currently have 1500SF indoor facility (soon to add 
another 1500SF) and have limited to approx 100 cats. I don't believe in cages 
and keep the cats in large rooms with perches, furniture even water fountains. 
My inspiration was my FELV+ cat Tom. There weren't any places for positive 
kitties. I do adopt out my kitties to make room for new ones, but keep it 
home-like for the long term friends. My vet sees every cat before they enter 
the facility and oversees their care. She's on my board of directors and is 
only a call or text away if I need her. Many of my volunteers have vet tech 
experience (including myself). Animal Services of Lee County has inspected us 
and have asked us to be a model for the other shelters/sanctuaries in the area. 
They also transfer their positive kitties to me when I have room for them. I 
love each of these furry friends and know all their names. Their well being is 
my life's mission and I wouldn't have it any other way. We are open to the 
public every evening and the kitties look forward to entertaining their guests. 
As for "outdoor kitty time" we have a screened enclosure they take turns using. 
Our dream is to have acreage for them but all things in time. I can't speak for 
other sanctuaries, but I welcome everyone to come see our facility. I like to 
think I'm doing Tom proud.
Marnie Miszewski
Helping Paws Animal Sanctuary
Saint James City, FL
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