Do you have any legal arrangement? Monitoring? I ask because that is what I would like for my guys.
On Feb 26, 2011, at 10:41 AM, Natalie wrote:

When my mother died, she had 17 rescued cats. Since I was "up to here" with
our rescues, I found someone to live in her house, free of charge, in
exchange for caring for the cats. Since 2001, there's one cat left. I could bring him to CT, but at his age, he may as well live out whatever time he has in his own surroundings. If someone cares, they will find a way.
Maybe you could try something similar?

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Hi Kat,  This is exactly what I have done so far.  In my will I have
left $1,000 for each of my 14 cats.  It is the best I can think of to
assure they are cared for. However, I have no way of knowing some
unscrupulous person won't take the money and dump the cat!!  It's the
big question of WHO will take each cat, and how can I be certain they
will be taken care of. We have no local no-kill shelter, and the
humane society in our small town is worthless. They are mainly
concerned with dogs.

My grown kids all adore cats, but they have a bunch of their own, so
I know they couldn't take all 14 of mome.  It is such a big problem,
but I must get it resolved as time is running out.  I have enough
money from a small inheritance to insure the care and safety of my
cats, but overseeing this is the huge problem.

Lorrie in WV

On 02-25, katskat1 wrote:
I too had this concern as I run a small rescue as well as having
several cats and dogs of my own.  In my 60's, live along female.  I
finally talked to a lawyer while arranging my will and found the thing
that makes me feel best.

I allocated a certain lump sum per animal ($500/cat, $1000/dog as I
couldn't afford to set up a trust altho am still considering that) in
my will for any and all animals alive at the time of my death.  This
money goes to the local no kill shelter or humane society to be used
specifically for each animal with the sole purpose of allowing it to
live its' full, natural life in a healthy and natural manner, adopted
or fostered if possible and NOT to be euthanized unless two vets
concur it is a medical neccessity.

Best I could do but it will hopefully serve the purpose.

Anybody have any ideas on how I can make it more air tight?  I don't
know if I would have much more money than that as I don't own much but
I have asked my one sister to allow it from life insurance if
necessary and she has agreed.

Good luck..... and NEVER allow your animals to go anywhere you haven't
visited and seen several times, at several times of day, unnanounced
if possible.


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