This is what I'd really love to do.  My house is all set up for
the cats. It has three outdoor enclosures, with cat flaps so they
can go out or in, and they have 4 large kitty condos, plus window
perches, so they're totally spoiled.  I do have one lady in mind
who could move in, but she has very little income so my son
would have to pay the utilities, assessments, taxes etc. out of
the money I leave. I'm sure he'd do this as he adores cats and
he'd take mine if he didn't already have a bunch of his own. 


On 02-26, Natalie wrote:

> When my mother died, she had 17 rescued cats.  Since I was "up to
> here" with our rescues, I found someone to live in her house, free
> of charge, in exchange for caring for the cats.  Since 2001,
> there's one cat left.  I could bring him to CT, but at his age, he
> may as well live out whatever time he has in his own surroundings.
> If someone cares, they will find a way. Maybe you could try
> something similar?

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