Last I heard, the place in CT asks $5,000 per cat to retire there.  I posted
it previously; if it's closer to you, why not call and speak to them? 

Last Post Animal Sanctuary  
Jeanne Tommey 
95 Beldon St. 
Falls Village, CT 06031 
(860) 824-0831

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> I share the same worries about my cats' care after my death as you.
> The two best sanctuaries I have found are Cat House on the Kings in
> California -where I would love
> to live myself, and Tabby's Place in New Jersey
> Both of these organizations have a true
> love for cats.

Hi Frank,  Both of these sanctuaries look great to me, but Kings is 
too far from us and when I contacted Tabby's Place they wanted 
$15,000 for each cat.  I realize how much it costs to properly care
for a cat during it's life, but with 14 cats at home there is no way
I could afford this!

In contrast when I contacted Caboodle Ranch in Florida I was told it
was only $150. for each cat.......... Way, way too little.  They also
take in an unlimited number of cats, which also raised a red flag!!
What is so strange is the lady I contacted at Caboodle said I was
the FIRST person to say their fee was too low.  She said everyone
else said it cost too much.  Do you believe this?  I don't.

Anyway, thanks for writing.  I meant to get back to you sooner.

Lorrie in Eastern WV

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