Thanks Lorrie! 

It's nice to have validation from someone else who is doing this. I'm sure you 
understand when I say how frustrating it is for me every time I hear about a 
sanctuary that doesn't have the animals best interest at heart. Not only is it 
horrible for the animals in their care, but it ruins the credibility of people 
like us who are truly doing the right thing for the right reasons. 

Please email/contact me anytime you need anything. I don't know if it's the 
same where you are at, but the shelters in my area are a bit competitive and 
don't always work together. When I started this I naively thought we were in 
this together and would work together on the animals behalf. Instead I have 
found I'm on my own doing what I can for these guys. That said, I will take my 
support system where I can get it and am extending "my paw" in case there is 
anything I can do for you. :0) 

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