Unfortunately, there are many vets with those views, even if the cat is the
ONLY cat in a home....why would anyone kill a perfectly healthy cat that
happens to test positive for FeLV or FIV, and in NO way can even contribute
to exposing another cat to it????  I have heard that from people again and
again, and sadly, they listen to those vets and continue this myth about
having to kill any cat that tests positive!
I am so glad that there are people like you who don't believe everything a
vet suggests as being gospel truth!  This cat may be healthy forever, or it
may not.  There are no guarantees that our healthy cats will be healthy
forever either, are there?  Do the best you can under the circumstances!

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I want to thank everyone who responded about my post regarding Amber, my
positive cat.
I have been feeling a little guilty about risking the health of my other
from some chance encounter with Amber. I still plan to be cautious but do
less stressed about it.
I have done a lot of research on the web, but there is nothing like being
to get advice from folks who have experienced this situation.
The vet leaned toward euthanization after her after her test came back
I just could not euthanize a seemingly otherwise healthy cat. I want to give
a chance! I hope and pray that her next test will come back negative.  

Whatever happens, I am glad I was there to save her from starving to death.
is getting high quality food now and lots of petting every chance I get! She
improved a lot in the last few weeks. It is sad how she sits at the top of
staircase and can't come upstairs. It is what it is, I guess. At least for 
I would love to hear from more folks regarding this subject.
Thanks you all and God Bless!!

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