Actually it was a young (early twenties) vet who didn't even know what an IFA 
test was. He had to go "read up" about FeLV when I was there. He did tell me he 
was not a "cat person." He was the new kid on the block with the four other 
who are in the same office. Unreal!!
I took one of my other cats to the clinic last Saturday for her yearly 
check-up/vaccines and thank God I saw the vet I like and have seen the most of 
during the last 8 years. He was sympathetic, but he was extremely concered 
exposing my other cats. I do think he would put her down if it was up to him. 
However, he did not come out and actually say that. It was just the impression 
I do think I will take Amber to see another vet who is recommened to me when I 
take her back for retesting. He has his own cat just roaming around in his 
office during the day. I bet he is a cat person! 

From: TANYA NOE <>
Sent: Wed, March 16, 2011 8:24:56 AM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Thank You for your Advice

I agree with Diane, any vet who recommends euthanasia because a cat is FeLV, 
for that reason only is not only ignorant but very uneducated in the most 
research out there. A lot of the younger vets tend to be a bit more up to date 
and more sympathetic to FeLV cats.
When we found out that our Maggie was positive (we had her snap tested before 
got her but the clinic did a "batch test" where they took blood from all 4 
kittens, mixed it together and then pulled the 3 drops needed from the 
I was not aware of this or never would have allowed that to happen. Maggie's 
FeLV was too diluted to show positive and her 3 siblings were neg. We did not 
find out she was POS until a few months later when she became symptomatic and 
retested again and also did an IFA. We decided to keep her which the vets there 
were very disapproving of. They believed that all FeLV cats should be destroyed 
so that we could eradicate the disease. While I agree with eradicating the 
disease, my little Maggie isn't spreading her disease anywhere as my indoor 

Our other kitty is vaccinated against FeLV and we do not keep them separated. 
count on the vaccine and the natural immunities cats develop as they age to 
Sasha safe, and so far so good. We made the decision to mix after talking to 
everyone on here and getting their advice first too.
Good luck with what ever you do.

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> Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 7:31 PM
> Wow, Jannes. The vet advocating
> euthanization is a warning sign not to let
> him/her treat this particular cat. She is obviously not up
> to date on the
> latest research and you need all the knowledge you can get
> to maintain
> Amber's good health. You might consider calling around to
> different vets and
> see what their feeling is about FeLV care. If you know of
> some vets who
> treat shelter cats, they may be a good place to start
> because they will have
> encountered it before. 
> Best of luck with Amber. I personally hope you choose to
> vaccinate the
> others and let her commingle, but that's me and not you.
> ;-)
> Diane R.
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Thank You for your Advice
> I want to thank everyone who responded about my post
> regarding Amber, my
> FeLV positive cat.
> I have been feeling a little guilty about risking the
> health of my other
> cats from some chance encounter with Amber. I still plan
> to be cautious but
> do feel less stressed about it.
> I have done a lot of research on the web, but there is
> nothing like being
> able to get advice from folks who have experienced this
> situation.
> The vet leaned toward euthanization after her after her
> test came back
> positive. 
> I just could not euthanize a seemingly otherwise healthy
> cat. I want to give
> her a chance! I hope and pray that her next test will come
> back negative.  
> Whatever happens, I am glad I was there to save her
> from starving to death.
> She is getting high quality food now and lots of petting
> every chance I get!
> She has improved a lot in the last few weeks. It is sad how
> she sits at the
> top of the staircase and can't come upstairs. It is what it
> is, I guess. At
> least for now...
> I would love to hear from more folks regarding this
> subject.
> Thanks you all and God Bless!!
> Jannes 
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