You're among like-minded people in this group - just this afternoon, I was
sitting with a few cats in my lap, a dog next to me, watching the horrors
happening in Japan.  I looked over at one of our cats who looks just like
our old Houdini who die in November....suddenly, I started tearfully
remembering details of almost ALL the cats that have died in my, I have a headache.  

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Thanks, Bonnie,
Yes, Amber and I have a connection now but I am very tender hearted and know
will be painful if her health gets bad.  We had to have our Great Dane put
five years ago and I STILL get teary eyed about that. He had cardio myothapy
an parasitic infection.
It does warm my heart to see Amber safe, well fed, and adjusting to her new 
surroundings. She won't "play" yet, but maybe that will come..

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You will get (if you haven't already) loads of really great and helpful
from this group.
Personally, I would say, if you have a heart-connection with Amber (which it

certainly seems you do) and you are willing to help her enjoy whatever life
had on earth, Go For It!
You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  And Amber surely will be!
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> Hello,
> I rescued a stray two weeks ago. Took her to the vet a week ago and they
> she was FELV positive. She was starving when I found her, but she has
> weight and is looking good. Her eyes just glisten and she seems healthy.
> said she was about a year old. She only weighed six pounds last week. I
> have the heart to euthanize her when she is not suffering. However, I have
> three healthy cats upstairs and I live in constant fear that they will
> the basement where this cat we now call Amber is staying. I keep her in a
> cage during most of the time and let her out to get her exercise in the 
> about four hours per day. My husband is building her a 8' long x 4' wide x
> tall cage so she will have more room I do hate keeping her caged up, but
> have a choice. She is very sweet and it is just a sad situation. I tried
> a home for her but no one seems to want a cat with her issues. We are
> be very cautious regarding the other cats, but it is does make me fearful.
> I plan to have her rested in three months. I am so new to this situation,
> comments or ideas are much appreciated.
> Jannes
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