Sherry-My heart goes out to you-Bless you for giving these precious babies all 
the love that you do. I don't know how you and the others do it-over and over. 
My heart has been shattered by losing Rosie's 4 brothers and Murphy, who was 
tossed into the feral colony that we rescued Rosie and the boys from when they 
were about 8 weeks old, Murphy was about 6 months old when we brought him 
home-all 6 were positives and I didn't have a clue what we were up against. We 
are down to just Rosie being positive and the 2 negatives we adopted when she 
was devastated with Murphy's passing in October and she was all alone. But you 
have the strength to take in all the positives and give them the love and care 
they need, not just cage them away in a dark room-you give them your heart and 
energy-they blossom and thrive in your care. Thank you and all the others who 
give so much of yourselves. All of our fur kids are playing together with 
boundless energy, free of the anemia, Lymphoma and all the other opportunistic 
ailments they so easily succumb to. I am so thankful there are people like you 
with the big hearts out there to save these babies.      Alice 
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