French Fry was rescued yesterday.  I was in comms with Linda yesterday one on 
one saying exactly what you said, that all I could do was pray.  Within 30 
minutes of me sending that email I got a reply back that Linda had placed the 
cat with someone about thirty minutes prior!  Now that's an express answer to a 
prayer! :D

Thought you would want to know.

Mike :)

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Wish I had the room (have 7 already) and the money.  I can pray for the right 
person to come forward.
---- Linda Demiri  <> wrote: 
> Hello Everyone!
> I am DESPERATELY. Trying to save a 1yr old male cat from EUTH... He tested 
>positive on the initial test for FELV and also has a really bad case of 
>calicivirus(its basically a BAD URI).  He was found in a borough of NYC 
>saturated in cooking oil. He is currently being held at Animal Care and 
>Control's at Manhattans Center. Anyway here is what I can do if you can 
>a safe home...I will outright have a local rescue pull him and then fly him to 
>wherever he needs to get to him to a safe place.  Please email me with any 
>tips/ideas or ppl interested. 
> Thank you All
> Linda
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