Yes, the number one cause of bird extinction is habitat loss, but cats are #2.
There's a well-known study that was conducted on a couple of adjacent beaches 
in California, one with a feral cat population and one without. The beach that 
is home to feral cats has no birds - remember that most shorebirds are ground 
nesters - while the cat-free beach supports a healthy bird population. 
Of course, our birds have natural predators - some raptors such as red-tailed 
hawks prey mostly on birds. Kingsnakes and rat snakes are known for feasting on 
eggs and hatchlings. But this is natural predation & so things are kept in 
balance. Throw in a highly efficient predator such as a cat and the balance 

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Sorry but that information is outdated or biased.  

The number one killer of birds is humans due to habitat loss or construction 

Humans: The Number One Threat to Birds

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In the newspaper today:

House cats are the #1 predator of wild birds.  The American Bird Conservancy 
estimates up to 500 million birds per year are killed by cats.  About 400,000 
are killed yearly by wind turbines (less than 20% of the number killed by 
cats).  So now we have another reason to keep our cats indoors -- not only for 
their own health and safety, but for that of our BIRD population!
Save the cats and the birds: Keep Your Cat Indoors!
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