Hello all—My name is Sean, and our wonderful 10-year-old cat Felix was
diagnosed FeLV+ in the summer of 2009 after he came down with a horrendous
case of stomatitis. Desperate for help, we did some googling and discovered
LTCI. He has been on it ever since, and we couldn't be more pleased with the
results: He's had no further symptoms, and his bloodwork and overall health
are better now than they were two years ago! He's a remarkable guy. :)

But we've run into a problem. We administered our last remaining dose today
(we have a few more but they're set to expire in a week or so) and realized
we hadn't heard from our vet about a new supply. (We recently had a baby two
months earlier than expected, so in the chaos we didn't notice until now!) I
called our vet and she said she hasn't had any luck getting ahold of the
company that supplied it to her in the past, and none of her contacts could
reach them either.

Does anyone on this list know of current, working contact information for
the manufacturers or distributors of LTCI, or even of any vets that our vet
could purchase it from as a middleman? I know the company changed hands
sometime last year, but I could swear she's ordered it since that time with
no problems. I need to provide our vet with a working phone number she can
call to order our next supply of doses.

We are obviously just as desperate to get this medicine now as we were two
years ago. Any assistance would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Sean T. Collins
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