There are blood tests that can be run too....expensive though. I took Dixie Louise Doodle Katt to be spayed. She had no scar. Apparently scars are becoming harder to see with self-absorbing stitches etc. I was convinced that she had been spayed.....not sure why but an angel sat on my shoulder and yelled in my ear. My wonderful vets ran the blood test even though they were very sure I was wasting my money. A couple of weeks later, one called with the results. Either Dixie had been spayed or she was a male. My little darling was all girl. Dixie was apparently a throw-away who came into my life by was of the same pine thicket that brought most of the cats in my life. She was FeLV+ which led me to this wonderful group.

All of this is to say, follow your instincts and knowledge of cats before you have her spayed. FYI: I like colostrum (health food stores or the local farm store--cheaper) for those I know are going to have any surgery and try to give it for a good while before. Most of the cats in my life are feral and they have their own thoughts about what they will and will not consume. Arnica helps healing.......I use it frequently myself and swear by it.

On Mar 24, 2011, at 2:19 PM, Natalie wrote:

A veterinarian can probably be able to tell by palpating her stomach...I've had cats that were never very obvious, but when spayed, it was noticeable
that they were in heat.
Because Amber is FeLV+, build up her immune system with some good vitamin supplements before she is spayed. BTW, when she's shaved, a vet can also see if there's a scar! I got a cat off death row in NYC, and we don't know whether she has been spayed. Since I have no intact males, there's no danger of pregnancy - we will just wait and see if she goes into heat, otherwise, we can shave and check at any time....I wouldn't worry too much - also check
for nipple size....

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This Sunday will be one month since I rescued Amber. I have no idea if she
ever been spayed or not. I am guessing not...
If she hasn't, should she not be coming in heat soon? I just hope and pray
is not pregnant.

If she does come in heat, I will get her spayed afterwards. Just waiting to

As always, thank you everyone for your advice!

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