On 03-24, MaiMaiPG wrote:
> I deal with ferals too and all of my house cats have been ferals. One  
> cost me two surgeries thanks to biting through a finger...my fault not  
> hers.  A lot of older people are on blood thinners, have extremely  
> "thin skin" etc.  I've been scratched more times than I can count.  
> Obviously, you have been blessed.  I'm in my 50's and recover fairly  
> easily.  I know of too many older people without sufficient support  
> who can't recover quickly.  I suspect it has to do with the overall  
> health of the individual and the personality of the cat.  Personally,  
> I have seen my mother bleed for hours from various (for me)  
> insignificant cuts.  As I said, declawing should be the last resort  
> but there are times I feel it is justified.

My husband is 89 and on coumadin.  He bleeds easily when one of our 
cats scratches him, but we use a styptic pencil to make the bleeding
stop and then bind up the scratches if necessary.  We'd NEVER declaw
one of our 15 rescued cats..........

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