Terri, you are in our thoughts and prayers.  What a difficult time for you
and your family.  Hospice is such a blessing, and I'm glad they are there
for you.


Blessings to you and your husband.  Sara




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Hi all,

I'm taking some time off from rescue due to my husband's illness. He has
liver failure and is not a candidate for a transplant. He has been
hospitalized 2 times this month and once last month he was placed into a
skill nursing facility since the 18th of February after the first trip to
the hospital. 

He is in the end final stage of his disease his liver has stopped working. 

Can die at any given time. He is being given all the pain meds he wants for
comfort so he will most likely fall asleep an never wake up again. 

I want to make myself available at all times for him. 

He is only 64 years old... I know to some of you that may sound old but it
isn't really.

Hospice has been part of this as well to help me cope with all of this.
Hospice is available to me 24 hours a day.






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