So heartbreaking. Thank you for doing what you could. It is so sad to think 
about how many more there are out there. So many people just look the  other 
way...Bless you for your compassionate heart.

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Aww. This hurts my heart. But bless you for bringing her in and giving her a
caring passage and people to grieve her. Gentlest of Bridge vibes to little

Diane R. 

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Got a call at 5pm yesterday that someone had seen a kitty in the ATM drive
thru lane at a local bank. I ran up there & didn't see a thing at first. She
was a tiny brown tabby sitting so still in the leaves that I didn't even see
her. She blended right in. She was so cold & wet & could barely make a
sound. I put her in a carrier wrapped in a towel & met some other volunteers
who took her to the emergency vet.
She was so cold her temp didn't even register. She was FeLV positive & had
severe ulcers in her mouth. The vet estimated her to be about 2 years old
though she looked like she was only 3 months old. After some time trying to
raise her temp they determined the best thing was to euthanize her. Her
heart was barely pumping. 
I named her Lola so she would have a name before going over the Rainbow
It is so sad to think how long she may have been there & how many people saw
her & just kept going without a second thought. What a sad story. Even
sadder because I know she is just one of many who meet their end this way.
At least she had a name :(

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