I wish it were only us humans that were going to miss Chanel. She was a 
beautiful solid white little princess that came to my rescue from Animal 
Services because she was FELV+. She spent a few days as the only cat in her 
room before 5 tiny new black and white additions arrived. They were only 9 
weeks and scared to be in a new place. Miss Chanel didn't hesitate to take over 
mommy duties immediately. She would let them crawl on her and chirp to them 
when they were getting in trouble. Those kittens loved her perhaps more than I 
did. When I arrived on Monday and found her she was still not alone. Her little 
friends were snuggled up to her as if to keep her warm. It tore my heart out to 
take her away. I miss her terribly but the fun loving kitten room just isn't 
the same. I'm hoping she's watching over them from wherever she is and when 
it's their turn, I know they will be together again!
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