Kittens are so much cuter than humans....

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I honestly can look at babies and they don't thrill me like a little kitten 
would. LOL 
I have been cat crazy most of my life. There were a few years I was
catless.. I 
was busy raising my two boys and we lived on a main highway. My husband at
time, was not going to keep any animals in the house. I tried having outdoor

cats, but you can guess what happened to them. Anyway, looks like I've come
circle; I am back to no kids, just cats which is probably what I should have

done to start with...but that is another story....LIve and learn I guess.

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Well said, Lorrie...we are their voice! I cannot be who I am without at 
least a feline in my house. My husband totally agrees with that. It's who I 
am.....It's who "we" are!

Have a happy Easter everyone!

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Hi Jannes,

You brought up an interesting topic.  My 4 female cats all prefer
my husband,  but the 11 males love me best.  Yes, I have that many
cats!  We both adore them, and ours were all rescued. Our lives are
devoted entirely to our cats, and as you mentioned some people think
we're nuts to spend so much time and money on them, but rescuing cats
seems to be our calling in life.

Lorrie in WV

On 04-22, Jannes Taylor wrote:

> One more thing about my husband..our two female house cats like him
> more than they do me. If they can pick a lap it will be his. Also,
> one of them sleeps beside him on his side of the bed. My tom cat
> sleeps beside me. I am his favorite. My husband's kids from
> a previous marriage remind him how he would not let them sleep with
> him when they were growning up. LOL...I guess he does have "kitty
> love" pretty bad. He did not have it before he met me though. He
> got me my first cat in 2005 from the animal shelter. My youngest
> son was getting ready to leave the nest and he thought a cat would
> be good therapy for me. Now four cats later...I don't know what I
> would do without my babies and he is hooked too.
> Jannes

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