Dear friends,

We are gathering needed items for the human and animal tornado victims.  We
hope to have a truckload within the next 2 weeks which we will be driving to
If you live near Austin, we desperately need "boots on the ground" to help
us gather items.

If you don't live near us, the two hardest hit areas are Birmingham and
Tuscaloosa - The Greater Birmingham Humane Society and the Humane Society of
West Alabama.

Rescuties - Saving the world, one cat at a time.

Vist the Rescuties stores and save a kitty life!*

Buy or renew magazines and help our kitties!

Please help Trooper!

"And it is the most divisive incivility to tell true animal lovers they
can’t complain about it, that they can’t fight for the animals, that they
should sit down and shut up and allow the killing to continue."

- Nathan Winograd
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