took BreAnne to vet yesterday.  chem screen all within normal limits.  on CBC: 
lymphocytes were high.  vet said she definitely has leukemia.  WBC were 
13.2;HCT was 32%; HgB of 9.9; RBC's 6.5  - - all within normal range.  
platelets are low; neutrophils are low, and Ly (what is that) are high. he said 
her hydration was good.  amoxicillin for 10 days and hope she pulls out of it.  
he said she had a lot of poop inside.  sent me home with an enema.  his 
diagnosis was alopecia and lymphadenopathy - - in her neck and behind her 
knees.  and I know often the growths cannot be felt.
you encouraged me to hang with her.  continuing the supplements.  
she seems like a lost little soul; eats a few bites and then leaves or doesn't 
eat at all.  will eat in privacy but very, very particular.  took the other 
cats to the country and have taken her out there a couple days.  she ran up a 
tree Friday morning.
please hang with us.  counsel?

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> Has your vet done a complete blood panel on her? You might be able to find a 
> clue to her problem. Also complete urine test would help. These will help 
> identify a problem. Since cats are so good at hiding illness, we sometimes 
> need to go to extemes. It costs, but may be less in the long runsince you 
> find out fast what is wrong and needs to be done. 
> As to food, I have found that Gerber's baby food (check first to be sure 
> there is on onion or garlic in it) is easier to feed and my girls have 
> responded to that. Also, add hot water to canned food. My girls and boy seem 
> to prefer the liquid to eating the meat. At least they get some nutrition. 
> Also, has your vet said anything about doing sub q fluids? I had to do that 
> with Lil Bit after I first got her. Se was stressed out, had a ragged coat, 
> no luster and had lost weight. After a little over 1 - 1/2 weeks, she 
> responded and has been fine since. Giving her fluids wasn't very hard. The 
> vet gave me a bag of fluids and needles and told me how to do it. The 
> heardest part was sticking her with the needle but I remimded myself I was 
> doing it for her benefit. 
> If she is stressed out, maybe keep her seperate from the others for a while 
> and give her lots of extra attention and loving to reassure her that she is 
> loved. Then reintroduce her to the others and see how it goes then. These ae 
> all tihngs I have done with my pride. Good luck! 
> ---- czadna sacarawicz <> wrote: 
> > 
> > BreAnne is just short of 2 yoa; spayed. She was the playmate of ToriRose 
> > who succumbed to Fe leukemia 2.2010. BreAnne tested + at that time. Isaac 
> > left 2.2011. I gathered everyone else up and moved them into my apartment 
> > from the country when Isaac left. BreAnne was/is an assertive female. Isaac 
> > used to terrorize Scrumptious in a major way. BreAnne and Scrumptious show 
> > little mercy for each other. There are now 6 cats.
> > 
> > Cats are shedding. BreAnne's tail and rear legs look as if she has a bad 
> > case of the fleas. When I flea comb her she continues to lose a lot of fur. 
> > there are no fleas. there is now no luster in her fur. Bowel movements look 
> > okay. 
> > 
> > this past Saturday I continued the follow-up ELISA testing. The 2 
> > originally negative cats are still negative and I vaccinated them. I asked 
> > the vet to look at BreAnne. He commented on her ratty, looking dry coat, 
> > said she had a temperature (but that it may have been due to the long ride 
> > up). I have no explanation about why I didn't ask how high or about 
> > starting her on an antibiotic. We started everyone on Petzlife oral gel 
> > (thank you Natalie) a couple weeks ago. He said her mouth looked good. 
> > BreAnne has been losing weight, not eating well. I follow her around with 
> > the food and draw her attention to it. She won't eat anything containing 
> > the usual supplements we use. I have been hydrating some orally and giving 
> > some NutriCal. She has been hanging out under the bathroom sink cabinet in 
> > the darkness. 
> > 
> > Easter Sunday I was able to be home all day and let Scrumptious out (since 
> > she is negative). 
> > 
> > I guess writing this is about getting ready maybe to let her go. The cat 
> > she is today in no way resembles her picture of 16 months ago. Stress for 
> > her? Her Grieving the loss of Isaac? She was really, really thin about 9 
> > months ago but came back from it naturally. 
> > 
> > will leave it there.
> > 
> > any comments will be appreciated
> > 
> > czadna
> > 
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