I'm so sorry for your loss of Tulo.  I know he had a good life in his 3-1/2 
years with you. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these 
otherwise neglected kitties. 

I was in a similar situation recently when I took in a street cat last year, a 
big black beautiful boy whom I named Chat Noir (French translation: "Black 
Cat"). I had him neutered and took him into my home  as an indoor/outdoor cat.  
At the time I had 4 indoor-only cats and was trying to transition Chat Noir to 
an indoor-only cat. I hadn't had him FeLV tested when I took him in (having 
never had any experience with FeLV).   He was fine and apparently healthy for 
about 6 months until I noticed the lymph glands in his neck were very swollen. 
He tested a strong positive for FeLV and it wasn't but a week before the vet 
concurred that he should be euthanized. I was heart-broken but a difficult & 
valuable lesson was learned. I had all the rest of my cats tested ($$) and all 
came back negative. However, my vet suggested having them re-tested in 6 
months. So far they seem to be ok (knock on wood). 

I hope this for me, I can only watch and be alert for any symptoms 
that may appear in any of the others. 


On May 19, 2011, at 12:25 PM, Debbie Bendell <> wrote:

> Yesterday my cat Tulo was euthanized.  He'd been sick for a few days.
> Bloodwork showed severe anemia and FeLV+.  I took Tulo in as an abandoned
> and abused kitten, approx age 3 mos.  I didn't have him tested because he
> wasn't sick, and in fact the illness this week is the first time he's been
> sick in the 3-1/2 years I've had him.
> I have several other cats.  All except one were tested when I adopted them.
> The untested cat is Dexter, a neutered adult male who has been in perfect
> health from the day I found him dumped in the woods.  I'm having him tested
> on Monday, and if he is positive, I will never know if Tulo infected Dexter
> or vice versa.  My vet and I decided not to test any of the other cats
> besides Dexter.  None of them are sick, and if anyone does get sick, I'll
> have them tested at that time, since their FeLV status would affect the
> treatment decision.
> I've reviewed the symptoms of FeLV and none of my cats have those symptoms,
> but neither did Tulo until a few days before his death.
> This is my question:  One of my cats had a bad URI last fall and tested
> negative at that time.  Two others tested negative after I adopted Tulo but
> before I adopted Dexter.  If a healthy cat lives with an FeLV cat for months
> to years, tests negative, and continues to live with a FeLV cat, is the
> healthy cat still at risk of being infected?
> Thanks for your help,
> Debbie
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