I suspect that I will start having my little guys (and dog) scanned when I have them at a vet's just to make sure the chip is where it s supposed to be.
On May 24, 2011, at 4:51 PM, Natalie wrote:

My problem with chips is that not ALL vets or municipal pounds have canners,
and there's no way of knowing outwardly that an animal has been micro
I have NEVER had a real escape - our house and cat condos are almost
Only one new cat that had just been neutered and caged in the garage for recuperation escaped - a helper didn't shut the top of the cage all the way the night before...when the morning person opened the garage door, the cat just flew out. He was extremely shy, and it was snowy and extremely cold in an area he didn't know (he was going back to his feeding source in the next town). This was a few years ago and I still look and ask around. Who knows where he went, he may have tried to go back to where he came from.....a
microchip wouldn't have done any good with him.

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I believe I read about it that the cancer cases were still few and far
That being said monitor your cat, espceially the area where the chip was
I have one that can't climb my patio fence so she's inside only (goes
when I'm there, runs back in when I jiggle the doorhadle - smart little
so she's chipped but collarless.

The others are in and out and though chipped I don't want to go through the
when they're missing and then I have to look for them, so they have a collar

with no tag (the tags can get stuck, and if someone does pick them up they
the chip) that tells the neighbours "I'm taken care of!!"
But one cat in particular, in the beginning I've come home to find that he slipped his paw in the collar (and is now temporarily thre-legged) another
he got it stuck in his mouth or just that he's managed to get himself rid of
But they learn, he hasn't gotten his paw stuck in it again. He gets rid of
but not stuck anymore. This one cat's a pickle though, he's gotten himself
on rneighbour's rooftops twice before (I had to get ladder and chase him
then he didn't want to be caught)

This was all the first couple of years I had him, he hasn't gotten himself
on a roof in the last 4 years, and he loses collars without getting stuck

If they were indoor only I wouldn't worry with collars, but since they go
out, I
don't want them trapped/nabbed or harmed by evil people, so they know that
someone WILL be looking for them.

It's scary to see them in trouble that time that they got themselves stuck
the collar, but in my experience they do learn pretty fast, and there are so

many strays/ferals around that I want people to know "this cat is looked
after!!"  (the ferals are too, but I can't touch those)

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Thanks Natalie. Knowledge is definitely power.

But I think I would rather keep the chip. You can treat cancer, but you
can't treat euthanasia at a kill shelter... :-/

Has anyone heard about tattooing cats? I know AKC dogs sometimes get
tattoos, but I have never heard of it in cats.

I want my animal to have some form of permanent identification on them in
case they get lost.

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 3:40 PM, Natalie <at...@optonline.net> wrote:

Yes, there is substantiation - my vet had a few cases; one dog's chip
migrated and aggravated a nerve, couldn't walk until the vet discovered
I have the info somewhere; will send to you directly because it may be
big" to be accepted by group address.
Do they? Is there documentation on this?

I mean, what doesn't cause cancer these days?

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 3:26 PM, Natalie <at...@optonline.net> wrote:

But were you aware that microchips can cause cancer? I got a cat from
row in NYC, and will have chip removed...it has already migrated!
Shelters and vets around me have gotten much better about scanning stray
animals that come through.

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 9:00 AM, Natalie <at...@optonline.net> wrote:

I JUST wrote about that, too! I thought I was the only one that this
happened to - nobody's ever mentioned it before!  Natalie

On 05-23, Bonnie Hogue wrote:

Reminds me of the time I got Stormy a red collar with shiny
rhinestones. Oh, it looked so pretty on her grey fur! But every day when I came home from work, the collar, still fastened, was sitting
right on the front step.  Cat's way of saying, "I don't even think
so." Sigh. ~Bonnie


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