I buy my collars on ebay from Your-Collar-Store

I just searched for collars and came across this one and they
are really lovely breakaway collars.  He sells them by the dozen
for much much less than they cost in retail stores.  I paid 19.00
for a dozen which is about 1.50 each.

His email address is planet3...@hotmail.com  But it is against
the ebay rules to sell things other than thru ebay.  

I also get my ID tags on ebay for much less from another seller.

On 05-29, paola cresti wrote:

> Hi Lorrie, I've looked around and on ebay too, but I can't seem to
> find many bulk deals for cat collars. The most I've seen was for 6
> and they weren't break aways. Where do you usually get them from?

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