That's true, this forum isn't about deer, but as everything in Nature, it
all connects, such as ticks, and it's important to know that even with no or
only few deer around, the blacklegged tick can still transmit the spirochete
bacterium to us and our pets because the whitefooted mouse and several dozen
other small mammals carry it. Birds have been found to not only be infected
with it, but can also transfer ticks from one area to another area through
flight, which is very often ignored!
The best thing to do is clear all leaves and debris from around the house
and perimeter - all very fertile ground for tick breeding!

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OFF TOPIC  RE: DEER I think there is another forum for this. I am sorry for
posting here.


Hold on. I am not blaming the deer. I was over simplifying, so I apologize.
I have oppossum raccoons and squirels too. I battle the deer beacuse they
eat my daylilies. I have lived here for 25 years and five years ago the deer
became a problem. NOT their fault but the fault of man. I will not get into
that. I do not think the deer need to be shot or anything like that. I chose
repellants to hopefully get them to change their browsing patterns. They are
creatures of habit. I felt sorry for them two winters ago when there was no
nut crop in the fall and we had lots of snow here in VA. They did a number
on plants they rarely touched in the past so I know they were hungry.

James do not boot me off.

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