I buy mine on line from vetmeds4pets.  An UK company that sells Frontline Combo 
which is exactly the same as Frontline Plus just the European version.  
Shipping is a flat $4.08.  You can get a 12 pack for cats for $64.08.
I buy the large dog version, put it in a small jar any syringe out the amount I 
need for each cat.  Same ingredients just a little less of one in the dog 
version vs the cat.  Like you I have too many cats to use the stuff you can buy 
in the stores here.
For those that use Revolution they have the Stronghold, the UK version.

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Re: My original post on Pet Armor......... I found it in Wal-mart
yesterday, but I didn't buy it because I wasn't sure about it. It
claims to be exactly like Frontline, and the ingrediants listed were
the same, but I didn't think it was cheaper than Frontline I can
buy from Canada Vet Meds online.  In Wal-mart Pet Armor was 
$28.99 for 3 pipettes.  With 15 cats I need a better price.
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