My $0.02 is that you have all the right reasoning.
I would just emphasis that we never know what may happen in the future, to
ourselves or our pets.  And that while tough things may happen, wonderful
things will happen too.  And the experience of opening one's home and heart
to an ill being (human or animal) is an act of great generosity and
kindness, which usually has its rewards.  But, in the end, these folks must
make the decision best for their family.  The only thing worse than no home
is the wrong home.
I wish you luck.  Blessings to you for trying to help little Sabriina.

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Hi all,

We are trying to give little Sabriina a chance. She is an approximately
5 month old lynx Siamese.  She was pulled from a dope house & was going to
come to us as a foster until she was tested positive for FeLeuk.  At the
moment she is at a sanctuary about 75 miles from here.  We are desperately
trying to find someone who will take her for the approximately 6 months that
I understand will give a good idea whether she can beat this virus or not.
She is healthy & looks great.  She has had so far only the snap test & as I
understand it, the IFA test should follow in about 3 weeks. Is this correct?

We have a daughter of a friend who MAY take her. But she has two small
children & the family had to put down their 2 Siamese about a year ago &
they are not anxious to take in a kitty that they will have to euthanize
soon.  I have not spoken to her yet but will be tomorrow & I am planning on
telling her pretty much the following:

There are no guarantees as to how long a kitty will live who has tested
positive for FeLeuk. It depends on a lot of factors - her general health &
how she is cared for - diet, freedom from stress, etc.  Some kitties will
not live long at all; others can live for years: & still others will fall
somewhere in between.  No guarantees.  They have no other cats right now & I
can tell them for sure that they will never have to euthanize her.  If she
continues to test positive, they have the option of having  us take her to
the sanctuary where she is not & she would join the other FeLeuk cats in
that part of the sanctuary.  Or they can keep her & give her good & loving
care for as long as she has, knowing that they played a huge part in making
her life one filled with love.  
It would be hard on the kids but it would teach them something about
compassion, about caring for an animal that they may lose, that it will hurt
them to lose her, but that they know they have done a good & beautiful

Please tell me if there is more I can tell her. I have never had a FeLeuk
kitty before & I am no expert on this.  So I am very much in need to
information I can provide that is fair & objective so that they can make an
informed & compassionate decision. I very much want them to take her but I
do not want to mislead them either.

Please help me.


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