My vet always thought that they never were actually born with it
but were infected moments after birth... And the mother who was very
sick would pass soon after giving birth... The kittens would be in poor
health because of poor nutrition from the sick mother...

One of my first rescues was a litter of 4 kittens that were found alone
at about one day old and were hand raised till at 8 weeks they were tested
and found to be pos.... Again at 12 weeks and again at 16 weeks when they
came to live with me.... They were all very healthy kittens... The first one
passed at about 6 months... The second at 9 months and the last 2 at 11
and 12 months.... I have always thought that was average for kittens
exposed at a very young age.... I have had several older pos. cats live for
about 6 years....

On 6/5/2011 12:48 PM, Natalie wrote:
I know it can't be proven; but when they are born with it, they are usually 
sickish and die soon - most don't make it past a few months (that I have know 
of at my friend's rescue group).

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