I rescued my cat, Buddy, from a thicket behind a parking lot when he was 5
weeks old. I took him to the vet the day after I rescued him and he tested

Well, the vet told me to euthanize him - I did not like that at all. So as
Buddy was clutching my shirt, I yelled at the vet "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO KILL
MY KITTEN!!!" And ran crying from the office. Dramatic, sure, but I think it
made my point - and I hope the vet was more tactful with pet parents after

I had him retested a couple of months later, got second opinions, and now
Buddy is 2 years old and VERY healthy.

I found a new vet that is great with my cats, euthanasia shouldn't ever be
the first option.

Good luck!

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 1:28 AM, Sharyl <> wrote:

> Cathy, you have already gotten some good advise.  I've rescued several FeLV
> kittens and treasured the time I had with them.  They enjoyed 1 to 4+ years
> of being pampered and loved.  I mixed my positives and negatives but my
> negatives were all adult cats and current on their FeLV vaccine.
> You can do so much to make whatever time Cali has a joy to both of you.  I
> would get Sasha tested and vaccinated if she hasn't been already.
> I am disturbed that Petco is adopting out kittens that have not been tested
> for FeLV or FIV.  I also do TNR and rescue kittens.  I test all the rescued
> kittens before offering them for adoption.
> Give Cali a hug from me.
> Sharyl
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Cali - 7 month old kitten
>  I am new the site and I am just crushed.  I have never had cats before
> and I adopted a shelter kitten from Petco in Plano, Texas.  She had Ringworm
> to start with and she was tiny, but she was playful and is as sweet as can
> be.  We live in Downtown Dallas so she sits in the window of our high-rise
> and overlooks the skyline.  Last week, she became very lethargic and on
> Friday, I became worried so I took her to the emergency room.  She's always
> been little, but playful and happy until last week.
> They did a Feline Leukemia test and it was positive.  The only thing I had
> ever heard about Feline Leukemia before Friday night was that all cats who
> get it - die.
> Cali is only 7 months old and I can't stop crying.  I just moved to Dallas
> last July.  I have always had Dachshunds but I didn't think that dogs should
> be in apartments, so I got Cali.  Then I didn't want Cali to be by herself,
> so I got another shelter kitty from the Petco in Bedford, (named Sasha) and
> she is very healthy.
> The emergency room vet and the Vet that I took Cali to have both told me
> that I need to put Cali to sleep so that Sasha won't get sick and Cali won't
> get better so she should be put down.  For all of you out there, please say
> a prayer for me and Cali.  She is a Blue Cream Tabby, she weighs 5 pounds
> and she has been a real fighter.  I don't know how I will find the strength
> to put her to sleep.
> She is so little.  I want her to get better.  I can't stop crying.
> Cathy Kessel
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