Hi Cindy,
I'm not familiar with Hyland's Bioplasma tablets either, but if you
decide to try them
and they don't work, maybe talk to your vet about Cyclosporine.  I
have 2 boys with severe allergies (one food/environmental, one just
environmental) and tried many things, including food trials and
allergy shots.  The cyclosporine is the only thing that works for us.
Hate to have them on a drug forever, but my vet says the feedback has
been pretty positive on it, few problems so far (It's a fairly new
drug for cats).  Mine have been on it for 3 years and 1 year, they get
yearly CBC's, but no issues so far.  They are now on 25mg per day, 5
days per week.  It costs about $43.00 for 30 pills.  It took about 4-5
months to start working on one of the boys, but his quality of life is
now so much improved.  No more e-collar, yay!!!

Best wishes,
Beth N.

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 10:01 PM, Cindy McHugh <ci...@furangels.org> wrote:
> Thanks Dana - and everyone else too!

So far, the aggression and spraying haven't been a problem,
> but he continues to lick/chew himself raw.

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