She should be tested again on the ELISA in 8 or even 12 weeks to give her time to clear the virus if the test was a true positive. Don't do another IFA unless the ELISA is positive again. Waiting 8-12 weeks to do another ELISA test will give her time to clear the virus.

I hope this helps. It sure is good news that the IFA is negative. Also, so happy Eleanor is doing so well in her new home :0)

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I have been wondering where everyone has been for the past week or more. Got me really worried as I've come to depend on you all.

Anyway as some of you may know, Sabirna, now re-named Eleanor to Miss Nora, is in her new permanent home & everyone is in l ove with her & she is doing well. She is somewhere under a year old, spayed recently & in good health. A lilac point Siamese. Beautiful wonderful cuddly happy girl.

She was positive on the Elisa snap test about a month ago & then shortly thereafter negative on the IFA. Just what does this mean? I am getting all kinds of conflicting reports. Some on the way positive side say that she is ok from now on, which I don't put too much faith in. Others, say, further testing in 6-8 weeks is needed, specifically the Elisa test but done in a lab & another IFA. I am inclined to think that that is what will indicate where she is at.

Please do give me some input. I don't know where else I can go to get up to date information on this disease.

Pam in Wisconsin

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