Sherry, sorry Plato has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  So glad he was loved and 
cared for.  So many aren't.
Laura, I understand how you feel. Over 4 years I lost 10 FeLV rescues.  Mattie, 
my little blind girl, hit me the hardest.  She was the bravest and sweetest 
little girl.   After the last positive died I found a kitten at the dumpster 
colony I TNR and feed.  Angel was negative and got me into kitten rescue.  In 
the end I kept Angel and have fostered several more kittens.  I know as long as 
I am fostering kittens I can not take in any FeLV cats.   Fostering the kittens 
has helped accept the loss of the positives.  Maybe I'll be able to take in 
positives again but for now the kittens need me.  We all help out however we 
Lighting a candle for all the babies tonight.

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I am so sorry, I have lost Mimi, Holly and Roosevelt within the past month. I 
am at the point where I really don't want to take in any more positives, I have 
told people not to ask me anymore, I can't do it.  

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Another one of our wonderful Sids kids became an angel today. Plato was a laid 
back sweet gray striped boy who loved to be loved. We will miss you handsome 
boy  :(
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