Thank you - that's great information!
I always end up buying meds in Mexico for all my animal rescue friends -
now, they will be able to get them here.  I should compare prices.

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Three websites are listed below - None require presciptions -- Advantage, revolution, Profender (new topical
dewormer) -- vaccines, Drontal dewormer -- antibiotics, antiprotozoal, assorted
other meds 

All great prices and very reliable.  1drugstore-online is based in
Thailand and is in Australia so usually with the first
order your bank will want to verify that it is not a fraudalent
charge so don't be surprised to get a call from your bank with your
first overseas purchase.

Amoxi can be bought in the US without a prescription. Buy Fish Mox.
This is the same amoxicillin as any other, it is just packaged for
fish and requires no script. It comes in 250 mg or 500 mg capsules. 
The dose for cats is 5 to 10 mg per pound once or twice a day.  I
usually open the capsules and mix 2.5 ml of water for each 250 mg
capsule, so each .5 ml of the mix is a 50 mg dose for average cat. 
You might want to mix it with 5 ml of water per 250 mg capsule so it
would be easier to draw up the right dose for a small kitten.  Once
mixed, it must be refrigerated and will last about 10 days.  Be sure
to shake well before every dose as it separates very quickly.

If you need more punch than that, you can get clavamox pills and zithromax
capsules from overseas with no script.  Be sure you know what to buy and
what dosage to use before giving any meds.
> On 07-06, katskat1 wrote: Where please and how do you purchase
> Amoxicillin in Mexico?  I buy the powder from my vet at her cost
> which is outrageous so if I could get it from Mexico it would be a
> God send to the small rescue I am co-founder of and maybe to her
> too. And for my two FeLV+ kitties.
> Thanks Kat A 2nd
> Chance of Hillsboro, Ohio 

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