Wow... You know, the dusty clay litter gives me asthma attacks, I'm ashamed
that I never thought of how it would affect my cats.

On Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 9:33 AM, Lynda Wilson <>wrote:

> Thanks, Natalie. I've never used clay litter or anything that makes dust.
> Can you imagine being enclosed in a box with all that dust flying around.
> What were they thinking back in the day?! I've used Feline Pine for a long
> time and all my cats through the years have all accepted it. It sure keeps
> the smell down as well. The cheapest place to get it it Petsmart (not Petco,
> they are extremely higher for some reason). It last for a long time as well,
> but like I said, I dump it just to keep Sugar happy.
> Thanks so much :)
> Lynda
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>   Here's more, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!
>> The #1 Authority On Pet Products, Care and Services Pet Owners Trust Most
>> Kitty Litter with a Serious Warning
>> Vets have been reporting more and more kitty illnesses related to litter.
>> Certain litters are actually causing serious problems for our feline
>> friends
>> including asthma, bronchitis, intestinal blockage and possibly even lung
>> cancer.
>> Most litters are loaded with chemicals to reduce odor and help with
>> absorption. These chemicals are released into the air when your cat digs
>> in
>> the litter box. The dust from the litter gets into the cat's lungs and can
>> wreak havoc on its immune system, putting his or her health in jeopardy.
>> With every visit to the litter box, your cat may be polluting its lungs.
>> Damage can occur in just a short period of time.
>> Clumping clay litter, which forms a hard ball when it gets wet, is one of
>> the most harmful types on the market. Several brands use this clay to make
>> their litter easier to scoop. What makes it clump? It's a natural clay
>> ingredient called sodium bentonite. In this case, "natural" is not always
>> safe. Here's the problem: When this clay gets wet it expands and forms a
>> hard mass. So when your cat or kitten digs in the litter box it's stirring
>> up clay dust and breathing it in. Once it gets into their lungs, it
>> expands
>> from the moisture, and in time builds up, causing all sorts of lung
>> problems
>> like the ones mentioned above.
>> Some clumping litters actually post a warning right on the bag; "Do Not
>> Let
>> Cat Ingest Litter". It is ridiculous to think that you can stop your cat
>> from breathing while visiting the litter box .You cannot stop your cat
>> from
>> grooming itself with its tongue or stop your new kitten from swatting and
>> nibbling on the litter. Anything their tongue contacts gets ingested. Once
>> the clay litter is inside the cat or kitten and expands, it not only could
>> cause dehydration by absorbing all the body's moisture, it could also form
>> a
>> hard mass in the intestines over a period of time, which could be fatal.
>> The problem of health difficulties and even deaths resulting from clumping
>> litters extend far beyond cats and kittens to ferrets, rabbits, and even
>> dogs that raid litter boxes. So what can you do? The solution is easy,
>> simple and inexpensive. Switch to a biodegradable, dust and clay free,
>> non-clumping litter. Many of these biodegradable litters are made from
>> recycled paper, which will help to save the environment as well as your
>> pet.
>> You can find these products almost anywhere, just read the label. If
>> you're
>> worried about odor, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in with the
>> litter. It works better than litter deodorizers that just cover up odors
>> instead of absorbing them. You can also find a litter box with a top that
>> has a filter for odor control.
>> Now that you know some of the dangers and their solutions regarding kitty
>> litter, hope you will pass this information on to a friend. You could be
>> saving the health or life of an animal.
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