Thanks for taking care of the "OLD" boy.  They need love too.  I took in 2 10 
year olds that no one wanted to adopt from a local no kill shelter.  They had 
been there in cages for over a year.  Lil Bit woudl not come out of my room for 
over a year, but now comes into the living room and sits on the back of the 
sofa with me.  Casey had no problems, just moved in and took over as queen of 
the house.
It is a shame that more people don't consider older cats, they still have at 
least 8 or 9 years left to live and they have lots of love to give you in 
return for your love
---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> Thanks for taking care of Pretty Boy. I just love old cats,
> maybe that's because I'm old :-)
> Lorrie
> On 07-07, MaiMaiPG wrote:
> > Pretty Boy, a feral who hangs around and who is very loved, was live  
> > trapped for neutering.  The vet called me after they put him  
> > under...he had shuttered in pain when they put a tube in his mouth.   
> > She checked his teeth and they were totally awful.  Most of them were  
> > pulled.  The only side effect is that his tongue hangs out a lot of  
> > the teeth to help him keep it in...or maybe he is expressing  
> > his opinion.  He eats both canned and dry food with the rest of the  
> > clan and is so handsome.  He is probably 13-14 years old (per vet) and  
> > is a total doll. Like the rest of the clan, he is not touchable most  
> > of the time.  He fusses and fumes and catches ground squirrels and  
> > others who are stupid enough to come into an area guarded by numerous  
> > cats.  Removing his teeth has definitely improved the quality if not  
> > quantity of his life.   As far as I know, none of the clan is FeLV+.
> > On Jul 6, 2011, at 6:00 PM, Diane Rosenfeldt wrote:
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