I cried when you wrote about Dexter.  He sounds like he fought til he
just got too tired and did what he could to let you know it was time
for him to move on.  It is so hard to make that choice.  Makes you
feel like you are 'playing' God sometimes but I think He knows and
gives us that 'power' to use wisely, judiciously and to help our
fur-babies when necessary. And Dexter knew, he told you, and now he's
healthy, happy and waiting for you to show up.

Anyway, you say you can get Interferon at but neither
of my vets are registered with them and apparently they have to have a
vet Rx to ship anything so.....

Is what you get from them the Virbagen Interferon Omega or the human
stuff?  If it is the Virbagen Interferon Omega and you have some, can
I ask what state you are in?  I am in Ohio but if you have some of the
Omega available I would like to know if you would give me your address
so I can send you $ for shipping some to me?

How long does it last?  What is the dosage?  Do you refrigerate it?
Freeze it?  Etc.  If you are willing/able to send some please respond
to me directly if possible.

Thanks a zillion!  My FeLV+ kitty, Luke (I know, sick name but when
she tested positive I just started calling her my Luke Kitty and it
stuck.  What can I say?) will probably have all teeth pulled soon if I
can come up with the $.

She is having a hard time eating, seems to be losing appetite but
still purrs up a storm when scritched.  Refuses food with ANY meds;
L-Lysine, Amoxicillin, tooth meds, etc.; drinks a little kitten milk
replacement unless I try to mix any meds in it;  eats a very small
amount of canned food unless I add meds;  trying to syringe force her
gets me scratched, she spits most of it up and she and I both get VERY
stressed.  Her teeth are rotting.  She probably doesn't have long as I
can't afford much in the way of meds on unemployment but I want to
help her if I can so she has a good life as long as possible...

Bless all of you for the information, support and help you offer.
Hope to hear from you Ben.


On 7/9/11, <> wrote:
> Don't ever make a tea of Chaparral, it is so bad tasting.  Tried it once, no
> more!  Could make a monkey climb up a tree backwards.  Androgravis is not
> too good either.  Best to disguise those 2.
> ---- Natalie <> wrote:
>> And then there is the herbal tonic made from Chaparral, Neem, Androgravis,
>> and Graviola, that you can make yourself and take every day - it is used
>> to
>> cure cancers or keep cancer under control or not getting cancer for people
>> and animals.
>> Why not start with healthy eating, minerals and vitamins right now,
>> instead
>> of waiting for cancer to return?
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>> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Dexter and Cali are together now
>> All of these egulations, etc. are making someone money somewere.  It is
>> protecting th US coporations who would loose mooney for one and I am sure
>> someone else is lning his/her pockets.  Just as with human meds.  And
>> then,
>> after all that research even tho it is harmful to the consumer, the FDA
>> takes the word of the manufacturer and alows distribution.  Otherwise, why
>> are we having so many recalls of drugs found to cause suffering and death.
>> When I check into Meds that my dr has prescribed for me, I often find they
>> can cause cancer specifically Lymphoma which I recently had and after
>> years
>> of chemo which failed I went into spontaneous remision.  Why would I want
>> to
>> take them and have to deal with all that again?  My oncologist has said
>> that
>> if it came back (been 7 years) she would be willing to monitor my blood
>> and
>> assist me in a course of healthy eating, vitamins and minerals.  I refuse
>> to
>> go thru chemo again.  You may as well be dead.
>> ---- Ben Williams <> wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> > You know, I've thought a lot about things that could make a difference
>> > and
>> > the most important thing that could change right now is the lack of
>> > availability of Virbagen Interferon Omega in the United States.  Why in
>> the
>> > world does it make any sense for the FDA to require millions of dollars
>> > worth of peer reviewed studies to be undertaken for US approval on a
>> > drug
>> > that has been effectively saving cat's lives for almost a decade
>> everywhere
>> > else in the world and has been used in hundreds of foreign studies.
>> > Interferon Omega would have probably saved Dexter's life, plain and
>> simple.
>> > However, I can't get a drug for him (that has absolutely no abuse
>> potential
>> > in humans, by the way) unless I go through a 2 month process with the
>> > DEA
>> > and FDA that will only result in a guarantee that any overnight package
>> from
>> > Europe that contains the medication that I've been given permission to
>> > import, will be seized and held for months, only to lose its
>> > refrigeration
>> > and spoil.  This is, of course, after I've spent about $1200 for the
>> honor.
>> >
>> >
>> > So, I suggest that we all start calling and writing our congress-people
>> and
>> > senators and demanding an immediate provisional approval be given for
>> > Virbagen Interferon Omega to be sold in the US.  Heck, it's practically
>> > a
>> > cure for FiP as well!
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