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Thank you for sharing this touching story!

I know that once anyone, who claims NOT to be a cat person, is exposed to cats, 
they become almost like born-again “anything” – much more dedicated than 
someone who has always been like it.

My husband never grew up with pets because his parents always moved, left him 
and his sister in boarding schools – father was a career diplomat.

When we married, we immediately got a cat, then a dog…and so it goes!


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Also would like to add he did kiss, pacify the cats/kittens, give special kitty 
treats, and baby talk to them. When it was bedtime for him he would ask me to 
move the cats from his side of the bed or he would sleep on my side so he 
wouldn't disturb the kitties. It was like this on the living room furniture as 
well. Husband would sit elsewhere wouldn't move them. If he had something on 
his dinner plate he would share it with the kitties too.

I used to tease him about this. Where as myself I would move the kitties so I 
could sit or lay in bed. I knew they would come back because in the mornings I 
feel like a pretzel when I woke up.


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