Consider putting out some plain full fat yogurt for Luke...with probiotics. Might make him feel better.
On Jul 11, 2011, at 12:29 PM, katskat1 wrote:

Again, thanks to all of you.  Been a great help.

Called my vet this morning and she is unexpectedly out of office until
the 18th.  Apparently she had family emergency. That's upsetting cause
the kitty who had her eyes removed last Wednesday was supposed to have
sutures out this Wed the 13th.  I guess a few more days with sutures
won't hurt - I kept mine in my knee for almost 4 months cause I was
afraid to get them out.  duh!    Oh well.

Surprisingly, Luke is a lover.  Loves to be picked up, loves to be
petted.  But with the apparent pain in her mouth nothing is going to
get into her via syringe or jamming a pill in the back of her throat,
nothing.  Last time I tried it one of her loose teeth fell out so
there was a plus side but I am still putting triple antibiotic cream
on the scratches and I had her wrapped in a bath towel like a mummy!
Afterward she was panting, drooling, vomiting and hid for several
hours.  Not doing that to her or me again.

So I will have to wait until the 18th to get her to the vet but she is
sticking around the yard now and actually was sitting at the door like
she -almost- wanted in so I guess that will have to do

Thanks again cause I was hesitant to do that to her but what the heck.
If I can have a little 5 week old kittens rotten, ready to rupture
eyes removed I guess I can the rotten teeth of a full grown kitten


On 7/11/11, <> wrote:
Cats have a way of knowing meds are in the food you are giving them. Unlike
dogs who gulp it down so fast they never realize meds were in it.
Medicating Casey is life threatening, I almost need to make a reservation at the ER for a couple of pints of blood for me. She bites, scratches, screams and like you said, we are both so worn out, frustrated that it almost seems to do more harm than good. If she needs meds, we head to the vet. More hands to hld her down. I have gotten a muzzle, but that makes her so angry that she won't have anything to do with me for at least a couple of hours.

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Thanks for taking care of Luke. It's very difficult taking
care of a cat who fights your every effort to help her/hin.
You are very kind.


On 07-09, katskat1 wrote:
Thanks to all I have decided if I can find the $ I am going to take
Luke to the vet and have some/all of her rotten teeth removed. She is obviously in discomfort and her breath has gotten progressively worse.
She is ratty looking and apparently has been sickly for a long time
before I started feeding her as a stray but she still wants to live.

I was very apprehensive about doing this to a cat that stays outside - has to - won't come in, fights to get back out and my inside cats are ALL negatives. But she sticks around and I don't have many options.

Now, if only I could successfully medicate her.  She will not eat
anything, kitten milk replacement, dry/wet food, treats, NOTHING with
any med of any kind.  Trying to syringe her is like fighting a wind
storm with lots of claws and then we are both so stressed we are
breathing hard. Not good for her. Or me. So I am trying to give her
quality of whatever life she has........

Hopefully yanking rotten, loose teeth will help.


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