I usually just lurk on this list, but had to share a short story from the 
recent past.
We have a set of security screen doors on our front door and tend to leave the 
interior solid door open for cooling breezes, sometimes all night in warm 
weather.  There is a tiny 1/4 in. gap at the bottom of the screen doors.  One 
morning I walked out and found a lizard tail (just the tail) on the rug just 
inside the front door.  Apparently a lizard came exploring under the door and 
one of our family felines got into some midnight mischief.   Hope the rest of 
the lizard got back outside, but it was a bit of a shock to pick up the 
"string" then realize it was a 6-7 inch lizard tail first thing in the a.m.  A 
real wake up experience!
Georgetta in Ventura, CA                                          
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