Here's a great website with tons of up-to-date info if any of you are interested...

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What shocks me is that the powers that be pretend what is proven in Gasland
doesn't exist!

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We saw that movie GAS LAND and we also had a gas well drilled on
our land......... Believe me there is NO "safe" way to drill for
gas. We were way, way out in the boonies and it ruined our land
and water. Drilling for gas and fracking is an extremely dangerous

Former posts on the subject..............
With all the supposed regulations, look at all the obviously legal
things they get away with, knowing full well how it impacts
people's health - but to do away with ALL regulations, giving them
a free-for-all, just imagine the horrors! Fracking is another thing
that hurts people in the areas, their water - AND it may very well
be responsible for earth quakes where there normally are none or
seldom happen. The earth is shattered with high power drilling,
pumping toxic substances into the cracked areas, helping them to
drill easier for natural gas.....Amen. -----

It's a touchy subject and I don't want to ruffle any feathers. I'm
not against drilling, just drilling too close to homes and schools
(urban drilling). A town that surrounds mine has 300 ft setbacks
and that is it.  Our town is implementing 1,500 ft. but I don't
think that is enough. I think

it needs to be out in the boonies where it can't hurt the water
supply, our health, pets, livestock, etc. The drillers just need to
do it safely.  It's ridiculous how many leaks gas wells have.
People here call Williams Drilling

Co....."Spillman's"  That's how bad it is! I can write a book!!
people need to watch Josh Fox's movie's real, true
stories. Google Dish, TX with Calvin Tillman, he recently moved
from his town and he was the Mayor. He's now very active, even with
drilling in PA. Also, Google Tim Ruggiero and read his experience
he had when he leased his mineral rights.  It's the kids that I
feel sorry for. They have nose bleeds so bad that he said their
bedrooms look like a murder seen....ok, I'm done.

This is a FelV blog....right?  My apologies if I offended anyone but
this is real and it IS happening.

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> Keep ranting, Lynda.  People need to know about this stuff and take
> Action!

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