What is Hemobartonella?

by Miranda K. Workman, President and CEO, Purrfect Paws Animal Behavior
Center, LLC



Hemobartonella infections are relatively common in cats in North America.
This mycoplasma resides on the surface of red blood cells and produces
extravascular hemolytic anemia. Transmission of the parasite is thought to
occur by blood-sucking arthropods such as fleas. Mothers can transmit the
parasite to their offspring. Animals with this infection are often able to
survive for some time, but any condition that could compromise their immune
system can make them more susceptible to effects of the disease. I learned
way too much about this condition after a mother cat succumbed to it after
spay surgery compromised her immune system. Her kittens were tested
immediately and they are positive too. Treatment is possible and we are
hoping that tomorrow's bloodwork will reveal they are free from infection
and are healthy enough to be adopted!

Miranda K. Workman owns Purrfect Paws Animal Behavior Center, LLC
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