Wow, Lynda, that is scary!!   I feel for you having to move because
of those gas wells.  As I wrote to the group a few weeks ago, we also
had to leave our home because of gas wells!


On 07-29, Lynda Wilson wrote:
> Natalie, It makes sense to me and I'm no expert. We had some here at DFW 
> airport (Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX) and there were earthquakes in Cleburne, TX 
> as well. None were ever reported until after fracking.
> Not only does fracking cause earthquakes, it can ruin a home's foundation 
> too. The drillers (gas mafia) won't pay for any damages to the 
> land/homeowner either.
> There is such a drought across the U.S., yet they can use millions of 
> gallons of fresh water per fracked well and not recycle any of it because 
> it would cost them $$$, therefore, they would not profit as much. Here is a 
> map (see link below) of Texas showing wells fracked from 1997 to 2010 
> (click on the small blue box to the left or the 1997 date on the upper 
> right of map). The "dots" that appear in black were fracked vertically, red 
> is horizontal fracking.  I'd like to get away from it. I just can't right 
> now. We are putting our home for sale next year after my oldest son 
> graduates.  We want to live off of a shale. Our town has recently 
> implemented the toughest O & G ordinances anyone can have, but the 
> adjoining town does not. I live less than 2 miles from that town's border 
> and there will be 24+ gas wells on that pad site when they are done :(   
> I'm not risking my families health (including my pets) over their greed.
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> Fracking/Earthquakes in Arkansas
> >Remember we "talked" about fracking?  With so much of it going on,
> >seems logical that it could do that! I always wondered if drilling
> >for oil too much in one area might undermine the area's sound
> >structure..hmmmm Natalie
> >
> >Fracking Operations Cause Thousands of Earthquakes in Arkansas
> >Mike Ludwig, Truthout: "Geologists say fracking wastewater
> >disposal wells in central Arkansas caused an outbreak of thousands
> >of minor earthquakes. The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission placed a
> >ban on fracking wastewater wells in the area yesterday. A
> >moratorium on well activity had been in place for months as
> >geologists investigated a possible link between fracking activity
> >and the outbreak of more than 1,200 earthquakes that measured
> >lower than 4.7 in magnitude."
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