That's very nice of you - I wish more people would care for their relatives'
pets....every day, there's a notice or phone call about someone's
mother/father, aunt/uncle either dying or moving to assisted living, and
every time it sounds almost like blackmail: If someone doesn't take this
cat/dog, I'm either going to throw it outside or bring it to a shelter,
mostly kill shelters!  You should see some of the photos of these beautiful
animals, living in the lap of luxury while their "parent" were taking care
of them, on sofas, elaborate beds, pampered...and these poor animals would
have to end up like that?

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Hi Everyone

Life can be stressful sometimes.

My aunt is going into assisted living (suddenly) and I'm taking her cat.  I
took my mom's cat, Lucky,  last Fall, and he's become part of the household
very nicely.  This little cat, Princess, is a sweet and mild-mannered little
one.  I took her to the vet today for a checkup and unfortunately he spied a
growth on her tongue.  He's biopsied it (so we will know) and I'm picking
her up in a couple hours.


The thing is, this is very sudden and I haven't had much time to prepare.
And I'm going to be gone 12 or more hours a day next week (eek). I can put
her in the spare bedroom until the Felv test comes back.  But I don't want
her to be freaked out or too frightened.  I'm hoping that instead of a three
weeks, I can try to integrate her in a week or two.


This will make FIVE indoor cats for me.  I've never had so many.  The vet
said, "Well, four or five isn't much different."  Bless him.


What's the conventional wisdom out there?  Leave her in the room 7-14 days,
or longer?


Thanks for your input!


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