On 07-29, MaiMaiPG wrote:

> Proof that animals need to be provided for in wills!

So very true, and I have a will giving $1,000 with each cat, but my
problem is WHO will take them?  WHO can I trust not to take the money
and dump the cat?  My three kids and grand kids will each take one or
two, but they have a bunch of cats of their own, and my cat loving 
friends are few and far between.  

We have discussed this on the list before, and sadly I am no closer
to finding the answer?

Ideally I want someone to move into our house to care for them, but 
there again........ WHO?


> On Jul 29, 2011, at 4:32 PM, Natalie wrote:
> >That's very nice of you - I wish more people would care for their
> >relatives' pets....every day, there's a notice or phone call about
> >someone's mother/father, aunt/uncle either dying or moving to
> >assisted living, and every time it sounds almost like blackmail:
> >If someone doesn't take this cat/dog, I'm either going to throw it
> >outside or bring it to a shelter, mostly kill shelters!  You
> >should see some of the photos of these beautiful animals, living
> >in the lap of luxury while their "parent" were taking care of
> >them, on sofas, elaborate beds, pampered...and these poor animals
> >would have to end up like that?

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