As I said, I hae picked out a shelter fairly close to my home and all my people 
have to do is get thm there.  I hav also made up a letter for each one telling 
about their character, likes and dislikes, the food they eat, kind of litter I 
use, etc.  I started this because I got 2 from the no kill shelter that were 10 
years old and no one wanted "old" cats.  I knew who the previous owner was, but 
she left no information on them.  I found out the hard way that Casey is a 
bully (sits and stares until the subject goes ballistic or actually stalks 
them.  Lil Bit is so scared by every sound, movment that it has taken over 3 
years for her to leave my bedroom.
She felt secure there and would not budge.  I had to put a litter box and food 
bowl in there for her.  I also put a water fountain in the bathroom, a mere 3 
feet from my bedroom.  Just this month, she began coming into the living room 
and kitchen.  She sits on a dining room chair, hidden by the table cloth, just 
behind the sofa where I sit.  It would have been so much easier on both of us 
is I had known all this 3 years ago.  So now, I have 7 "To Whomever gets Casey, 
Lil Bit, Annie,Harley, Dee, Nitnoy, Homey" letters.  Hopefully this will make 
life easier for my babies and their "new" people during the transition.  As 
something new comes up, I update my letters.
---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> On 07-29, MaiMaiPG wrote:
> > Proof that animals need to be provided for in wills!
> So very true, and I have a will giving $1,000 with each cat, but my
> problem is WHO will take them?  WHO can I trust not to take the money
> and dump the cat?  My three kids and grand kids will each take one or
> two, but they have a bunch of cats of their own, and my cat loving 
> friends are few and far between.  
> We have discussed this on the list before, and sadly I am no closer
> to finding the answer?
> Ideally I want someone to move into our house to care for them, but 
> there again........ WHO?
> Lorrie
> > On Jul 29, 2011, at 4:32 PM, Natalie wrote:
> > 
> > >That's very nice of you - I wish more people would care for their
> > >relatives' pets....every day, there's a notice or phone call about
> > >someone's mother/father, aunt/uncle either dying or moving to
> > >assisted living, and every time it sounds almost like blackmail:
> > >If someone doesn't take this cat/dog, I'm either going to throw it
> > >outside or bring it to a shelter, mostly kill shelters!  You
> > >should see some of the photos of these beautiful animals, living
> > >in the lap of luxury while their "parent" were taking care of
> > >them, on sofas, elaborate beds, pampered...and these poor animals
> > >would have to end up like that?
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