Dear all,

It's been a while since I haven't posted to the list. Since my Beltza passed
away, last year....
I am still in debt with you guys for all the support you gave me with her.

I cannot remember if I told you that I run a very small cat shelter in
Cuernavaca, México, where I live.

Recently, we rescued two kitties which turned out to be FeLV positive (on a
triple SNAP test, FeLV, FIV and HW, Idexx brand). These two cats are not
siblings, they come from different litters from different parts of México
We are aware that they need to be retested in 3 months in order to be
completely sure that they are FeLV positive.

However, I have a lot of doubts and this is the reason of why I am posting
We want to find nice and responsible families for these two kitties. Does
these kitties need to be adopted as the only cat in the house? Can they
share their lives with other cats? FeLV negative as long as they have their
vaccines up-to-date? Can we give them together in adoption? Can they share
their lives with other FeLV positive cats?
We are also aware of the huge responsibility that is in our hands at the
time of giving these two furry ones in adoption, we know that we need to
find homes that are well documented, and that intend to keep them indoors.
We would greatly appreciate any advice you could give us in order to ensure
a great life for these two little guys.

Thanks in advance,
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